The Past- Deleting Pictures from Social Media

So many people are focused on the past. The things that have happened before in their lives and even in the lives of others. What a lot of people don't recognize is that each person's past is personal and customized to them.

As much as the natural nosiness creeps in and we want to know every single thing about everyone, its important to remember that a lot of people show only what they want you to see. Or even what they want to see, themselves. Getting out of old relationships, I've been one to cleanse my space of what they left behind- pictures on social media removed, things of theirs donated.

I know when someone I know breaks up with someone I'm still curious to see the old pictures but they "mysteriously" disappear. I forget that not everyone wants to show those or see those anymore. I forget that if it were me, I would do the same. And I have done the same. The amount of hidden or deleted pictures on my social media accounts would astound you.

People may think that it's the coward's way out. Erasing the past and focusing completely on the future with no regard for the people they've hurt. In a lot of cases, that's not true. While deleting everything can be done out of spite, it can also be done from a place of attempting to heal.

Coming to the decision to separate from someone isn't easy and what comes after it is even harder- dividing up the things you share, sometimes someone has to move out, sometimes you have to split up animals, custody arrangements for kids. When you break-up with someone, a little piece of you breaks away and in order to heal, sometimes you have to be selfish. I earned the right to be selfish and keep my past private and reserve it as my own personal stepping stone that only I can see.

In my past, I was a lot more active on social media. I shared pictures of people I was in a relationship with and shared little anecdotes. Now, I'm sharing a lot less. I'm sure many people would jump to the conclusion that because I'm sharing less that I'm just making sure that if we ever broke up that I have less to delete. And that is far from true. As much as I am protecting my past and allowing it be personal and private, I am doing the same for my future.

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